White Water Voyages Safety Talk

Goal: To make talk thorough, yet simple enough for everyone to remember.
Location: Shade if hot, sun if cold. Away from distractions.

  1. General Introduction
    1. Names
    2. Description of the trip: the area (include Quiet Zone), the water.
    3. Explain oar and paddle boats
  2. Things that could happen while on land
    1. Sun/heat: hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, dehydration (anytime)
    2. Cold weather: hypothermia, speak up if cold
    3. Poison Oak, Rattlesnakes
    4. No feeding animals
    5. No drinking the water
    6. No litter: Leave every place cleaner than you found it.
    7. Bathroom (Outhouse at lunch on S. Fork)
    8. Inform guide of any special medical condition
    9. Slippery rocks
    10. Rinse feet before getting in boat
  3. Things that could happen while on the water
    1. PFD's: How to tighten; shouldn't be able to pull up above ears; always wear in or near water; back flap to help float face up.
    2. Keep both legs in boat
    3. Keep weight on feet to stay in boat
    4. Swimming:
    5. Position: face downstream, feet up, knees bent to push off rocks (demonstrate).
    6. Get out from under raft: pick one direction to swim out
    7. Stay away from downstream side of raft
    8. Hold paddle
    9. Breathe in troughs; crest will break over your head
    10. Strainers: Stay away from. If unavoidable swim head first, arms up
    11. Reversals (Class IV and V water): swim down and catch current on river bottom.
    12. Pulling in a swimmer: Grab PFD at shoulders, push down to use buoyancy of the water, pull in. (Demonstrate)
    13. No water fighting just before a rapid.
  4. Emergency Situations
    1. Wraps: Describe. High side command,-demonstrate/describe effect.
    2. Flips: Get out from underneath the boat
  5. Closure
    1. Listen to your guide
    2. Have fun