Compliance FAQ

This looks really complicated. Is there a simple explanation of what I have to do?

Yes! See this page.

I missed the ICO First Aid & CPR class. What should I do? 

It is your responsibility to get the certifications. Here is a list of local CPR & First Aid Providers. Find a class the fits your schedule and sign up.

Where can I get certified in CPR and/or First Aid?

CPR & First Aid Providers

I have a new CPR or First Aid certification card, how do I update the online roster?

The Compliance Coordinator (Ryan Clark) needs to have a copy of the card, and he will update the roster.
Email a scan of the card to Ryan, or mail the card to Ryan and he'll mail it back to you. 

Do I need to send a copy of my Sierra Club membership card?

No. All ICO needs is your Sierra Club membership number (not your credit card confirmation number), and the Compliance Coordinator can confirm your membership with the Sierra Club. However, it takes two to four weeks for membership information to show up in the Sierra Club's database, so please renew early.

If I am missing a card/certification, can I still guide?


A Trip Leader kicked me off a trip because I'm missing a card. Is that fair?


What kind of First Aid Certification do I need?

ICO requires Standard First Aid or a more advanced certification. Standard First Aid is typically a four hour class.

Is Wilderness First Aid ok?

Yes! Wilderness First Aid definitely satisfies the ICO First Aid requirement. WFA is typically a 16 hour class.

What kind of CPR certification do I need?

ICO requires Adult CPR for lay responder or more advanced certification. It is typically a two hour class.

How do I become a member of the Sierra Club?

First time members can register online here (ICO will get a portion of your membership dues).
Or renew your membership here.

What is the background check?

ICO screens for violent crimes and sex crimes.
ICO needs your permission to perform the check.
Read and sign the information release form, and mail it to Ryan.
We also need your Social Security Number. Put your SSN on a separate slip of paper so that it can be shredded after the background check is complete.

Does ICO use fingerprints for background checks?


Do background and DMV checks have to be renewed?

Yes. Criminal and DMV background checks must be renewed every four years.

What if I don't have a Driver's License? What if my license is suspended? 

You do not need a valid driver's license to volunteer for ICO, but you must have a valid driver's license and current DMV records check to drive on ICO trips.

Can ICO give financial assistance for the Standard First Aid Class?

Yes. Ask the Finance Committee. ICO also offers inexpensive classes from time to time.

Can ICO give financial assistance for the CPR class?

Yes. Ask the Finance Committee. ICO also offers inexpensive classes from time to time.

Can ICO give financial assistance for the Sierra Club membership?

Yes. Ask the Finance Committee. The Sierra Club also offers a reduced membership rate for students and those with limited income.

What is the COE?

The ICO Code of Ethics. It lays out the acceptable behavior for ICO trips. You must read and sign it.

What is the OVA?

The Sierra Club Outings Volunteer Agreement. It explains your volunteer relationship to the Sierra Club, and includes legal waivers of your rights. You must read and sign it.

I am getting my certifications at the last moment before a trip. Can I just show them to the Trip Leader?

Yes. However, please send copies of the cards to Ryan right away.