Steering Committee Meeting Notes, February 8, 2012

Location: Margery's House, El Cerrito
Attendance: Margery, Bill, Chris, Natasha, Ryan, Mel, Juan (phone)
Notes by Ryan Clark

Retreat Recap

  • ICO Dream follow-up meeting scheduled for February 21.
  • Margery: Many (not all) of the 2011 goals achieved.
    • Great class of new G-guides!

Season without Chicken

  • Need a new lead for Instructor Training
    • Bill is seeking a replacement Instructor Training
      • Bill has called Delton, Damien, and Anja. Waiting for return calls. 
    • Also need a TL for March 10-11 Tune-up/Instructor Training combination.
    • We need more trainers. The BTs are thin on Trainers.
  • Need someone to lead Beyond Basics training.
    • Margery will lead one BB trip: May 5-6.
    • The other BB trip needs a TL. will likely cancel. Maybe that's okay; we don't want to burn out before the season starts.
  • We still have to address his Participant groups.

Selection & Recruiting

How many new applicants can we take?

  • We already have two returning Basic Trainees (Corey and Jesus)
  • We already have three Advanced Basic Trainees (Dave, Zach, Kristie).
  • Trainer and Trip Leader resources are thin.
  • Bill believes that we can handle 8 total (non-Advanced) Basic Trainees.
    • It will be challenging.
    • That means 6 new recruits MAX. (There are 9 applicants)

Scholarship Model

Are encouraging the wrong kind of trip?
  • Current scholarship model is $500 per trip, regardless of length or size.
    • Does this encourage small, one-day trips?
  • Scholarship goal is simplicity.Often scholarship is not used.
  • Many Trip Leaders do encourage two-day trips. 
    • Group chaperone logistics are often a bigger obstacle than trip costs. 
    • Often the choice is a one-day trip or no trip at all.
  • Use of scholarship funds is increasing.
    • As awareness increases, change policy to encourage multi-day trips?
  • More precise numbers would be useful. 
  • Let's discuss again in the near future.

SOPs Meeting

  • Temporarily on hold.
    • Lots of other important meetings going on.
      • Don't want to distract with other stuff going on in ICO
      • Don't want burnout
      • Want good turnout.
  • A reminder about SOPs-Discuss would be helpful.
  • Discuss ICO Dreams are regular monthly meetings?
    • Positive, open-ended way of getting people involved and energized.
    • Much more engaging that SOPs discussions.

Off-River Jobs

  • Lots of off-river jobs to fill.
  • Jon would like to step back from both Finance and Fundraising Coordinator. Replacements welcome!
  • Lots of volunteers in transition (injuring, relocation, etc)
    • Will be an on-going challenge this year.

Next Meetings

  • Steering Committee Meetings 
    • March: None
    • April 18 2012
  • Regular Monthly Meeting
    • April 4, 2012 at Margery's House
    • May 2, 2012