May 2009 River Meeting Notes

Attendees: Ryan, Harold, Shalom, Jen, Bill, Andrea, Vinny, Natasha, Jim, Arturo, Robb, Alyssa, Caroline, Chicken, Erin, Laura, Anthony

Points of Discussion:

Trip Reports

  • 3 training weekends in April – no rain - $1000 in ICO funds.  
  • The all day flat water session had a big impact on the trainee's skills.  
  • Apprentice class reported desire for more organization in the off-river skills, especially in the modeling of the skills by seasoned ICO staff.  Apprentice class also discussed desire to have training incorporate skills to deal with participant youth. Shalom volunteered to develop plan for youth management curriculum.
  • First May trip of season cancelled due to lack of funds in the group (Sequoia). 

 Ongoing Training

  • Harold discussed plans for incorporating ongoing training throughout the season: include training boat with apprentices and a certified trainer during a participant trip.
  • Based on available funds, ICO would finance the presence of these apprentices (participant groups will not be paying to feed and camp a boat of apprentices not supporting the participants).
  • Jared and Anthony to follow up with trip leaders to discuss the feasibility of implementing this plan (will depend upon trip leader and group dynamics).


  • Jim communicated that budget accounts for $300 for each trip to cover ICO costs such as gas, camping, etc.
  • There is an additional $150 available to groups on an as need basis.  Groups must apply for this additional money. for additional detail.
  • Budget has accounted for fundraising goals in 2009, so the organization needs to continue actively fundraising. 
  • Fundraising trip scheduled for July 3-5 and will be coordinated with DSUSA's commercial permit.  The ICO cost per person per day will be $50 for rafting and $20 for camping.  Fundraising is donation on top of these costs.  
  • Mel to act as the DSUSA liason and on river trip leader for the trip.  Bill to act as off river mentor for the organization of the trip, HOWEVER the implementation of the trip requires ICO volunteer support!  The following positions need filling:
    • Reservations person: Erin stepped up to take on this role
    • Food Management: Alyssa and Jen will complete this role (Jen will mentor Alyssa since she cannot attend the trip)
    • Logistics - vacant position
    • Host - vacant position
    • Treasurer - vacant position
    • Shalom will notify the class of 2009 that their help is needed to make this trip happen.
  • Robb is working on the flier for the trip with Bill.
  • On a separate note, Vinny, Natasha, Erin, and Eddie are attending networking event tomorrow in the East Bay called YouCan.  The organization provides grants for organizations that perform outdoor activities.  V, N, E, and E, will report back on the program.

Swiftwater Rescue Planning

  • Class scheduled for May 16/17 is full.
  • Mel is arranging group facilitated transport agreements (non-carpool-pool)
  • There will be an additional cost of $50 to cover camping and food.
  • Meet at Mother Load at 8 am on Saturday. 
  • Chicken has already assigned food coordinators.

Meeting Day Change

  • Beginning June, the river meeting will revert to the original first Wednesday meeting day.  Thanks for your patience as your chair was unable to make the Wednesday time over the last semester.  This change was voted upon at the meeting.

Open Forum

  • The Yodeler is looking for articles about programs that promote justice in the outdoors.  Contact Ryan for details.
  • Bill indicated that the rafters tow has a program to sign up with them and pay on credit with a discounted rate of $12.50 per boat.  The group voted and agreed that this was a good plan.
  • Ryan is looking to organize ICO volunteers interested in getting certified to perform CPR and First Aid training.  Shalom, Vinny, Harold, and Anthony voiced interest. 
  • Due to the cancelled "trip leader meeting" CARP needs to be completed for all trip leaders. Ryan will forward the URL to complete this online.
  • Shalom and Robb voiced interest in developing programs to improve our risk management information to present to school districts.  They will report next meeting on the progress of the plans. 
  • Anthony will follow up with Judy regarding the communication plan she was developing.