November 2nd Steering Committee Meeting

November Meeting notes   November 2, 2011 Margery’s house


Present:  Jim, Juan, Jon, Harold (all by phone) Chris, Bill, Ryan, Margery, Natasha, Vinny



Harold’s report for meeting on October 19:  main purpose to introduce a tool (work in process) to streamline process of decision making and clarifying lines of authority.


Acronym DRACI to help identify who’s accountable

D:  decision maker

R:  who’s responsible?

A; accountable, where the buck stops

C:  Consulted, where to get info from

I:  Informed, who knows and who needs to know


A grid was made (matrix) to visualize who is responsible or consulted for certain tasks.


Purpose was to target where changes need to take place.   We noticed that chairs and steering committee didn’t have as much authority as originally thought.   There was a discussion about how the organization is run vs. how it should be.   Meeting made obvious where we could use some work.  Further meetings to come.   Another big topic was what to do about training.   Who’s responsible?   Who is the new BT coordinator?   Individual initiative so far has been most effective so far, but can only go so far.


Possibly change ATA process


SOP convention:  there has been some less than stellar reviews for our SOPs.   An overhaul may be in order.   Make them more accessible and shorter.   Do them after DRACI


Training:    Bill may be stepping up as BT coordinator.   Mel will be willing to help.   Need to figure out how many trainees next season.   We need another train the trainers class.   Calendar will fall to the training committee.   Concerns about parking, take-out from gorge (carry boats over gate?)    5 of last years trainees are go for next season.  2 have been on river last year and learned quite a bit.   With current trainees, how many new applicants could we take?   It would be difficult for recruiting coordinator to have application process for only 4 new trainees.   Not hard to staff trips with trainers.   What are we looking for in new applicants?     Emphasis on previous applicants and participants.


Next year’s class will be 12 trainees big.   Having trucks is a big issue.   Fundraising people a must.   Ryan would like a final confirmation date after calendar dates for last year’s trainees, so that he may do his recruiting.   New applications for those not guaranteed spots from last year.   Sometime late January?    November 30 training committee meeting.

Anyone want to take any committee spots.   Bake sale coordinator?   Co-chair?


Winter retreat ideas in progress.


Big City Mountaineers: - Copy pasted from an email from Mel:

We have a very cool opportunity to test and our groups (SF BAY, Portland, Miami, Chicago and Boulder) could be the guinea pigs, if you are so inclined.
Big City Mountaineers
 is offering week long trips to 5 of our participants and four adults (ICO leader and/or agency leader). They will provide one trip leader to lead and organize the trip, the funds for the folks to go on the trip and the funding to get there. 

Big City Mountaineers is an organization created to offer under-resourced, urban teenagers (13 to 18 years old ) a dramatic learning experience – a weeklong program, the focus of which is a seven-day backcountry expedition. Big City Mountaineers is hoping that by partnering with us that they can be assured that the youth going on their week long trips will continue to be exposed to and connect with the outdoors through Inner City Outings. And we hope this will provide our volunteers and participants with opportunities they might not ordinarily have.

Sounds great, but what's the catch? 
Not much - we just need to provide the participants and adults. Since we don't work regularly with the same kids, I thought we might offer this opportunity to a few of our agencies: Oakland High, Sequoia, Mission Graduates and I'd love one or two more suggestions. Perhaps, we can send one or two of our ICO volunteers along too. I'll be happy to be accountable and responsible for making all of this happen. PLEASE provide me with suggestions by Nov 7.

And while I'm talking about the office, please read what's going on with the Sierra CLub re-organization. I don't know if y'all know, but ICO is now a part of another department. I think this is going to mean some really great stuff for ICO. Money? Maybe. Publicity, marketing and support - for sure. Anyway - if you are interested in learning more, please read (clubhouse, explore). In December, I'll send out more definitive information about next steps, but this doc can tell you some of what's going on.

Jon is looking for someone to take over February fundraiser dinner (or to at least help lead it)


Meeting adjoured