Training Committee Minutes 30 November 2011

Training Meeting at Caroline's house

30 November 2011

Present: Bill W, Ryan, Caroline, Senior, Chicken, Margery, Chris T, Mel, Dave

On phone: Natasha, Vinny

Key Training Roles & Who's Responsible

Overall Training Coordinator: Bill W.

Basic Training Coordinator: Bill W.

Trainee Recruitment Coordinator: Ryan

Trainee Selection Coordinator: Natasha

Individual Mentor Coordinator: Caroline

Head On-river Trainer: BT1-3 Bill W., BT4 Mel

Basic Training Classroom Session Coordinator: Mel

Advanced Basic Training Coordinator: ?, or Bill W.if no one else volunteers

Instructor Training Coordinator: Chicken

Beyond Basics Training Coordinator: Chicken

Advanced Training Coordinator: ?, or Bill W, if no one else volunteers

Swift Water Rescue Training Coordinators: Mel & Mai

Basic First Aid & CPR Training Coordinator: Mel

Flat Water Training Coordinator: Ryan

Training Calendar 2012 & Who's Responsible

January 15 Last year's trainees verbal opt-in for 2012 basic or advanced basic training due - Bill W.

February 1 New Trainee applications due - Ryan & Natasha

February 25 New Trainee interview/selection - Natasha

February 29 Instructor training classroom 1 - Chicken

March 3 First aid & CPR (all trainees & volunteers welcome) - Mel

March 7 Instructor training classroom 2 - Chicken

March 10-11 Tune-up & Instructor training - Chicken (new trainees invited but not required to attend)

March 14 Classroom 1 - Mel

March 17 Flat Water * - Ryan

March 18 Fun trip

March 21 Classroom 2 - Mel

March 24-25 BT1 - TL: Margery

Mar 31-Apr 1 BT2 - TL: Ryan

April 7-8 Beyond Basics * - Chicken

April 11 Classroom 3 - Mel

April 14-15 BT3 - TL: ?

April 21-22 BT4 - TL: Mel

April 28-29 Fun/ Advanced training - ?, or Bill W. if no one else volunteers**

May 5-6 Beyond Basics / Fun Advanced training * - Margery

May 12-13 SWR training - Mel/Mai

May 19-20 First participant trip

May 23 Classroom 4 - Mel

May 26-27 Participant trip - TL: Stan

* indicates non BT river trips available for advanced basic training (scheduled dates & trainees TBD)

** Past years we rafted 2 new rivers in one weekend, e.g. Yuba & NF American, North & Middle Forks American, T & Merced, etc.

Review of Basic Training schedule & objectives (curriculum)- by unanimous consent of the training committee present:

- No requirement for basic trainees to take SWR course

- 4 classroom sessions objectives as described in Mel's draft, moved managing fear to classroom 3, renamed orientation as classroom 1

- Classroom sessions scheduled for Wednesdays

- Keep individual mentor program for trainees

- Keep tribe mentor program

- Include quizzes of reading material during classroom sessions

Training budget

- Instructor Training: shared cost trips, moderate printing costs

- Flat Water Training: $150-200 requested (not permitted to charge volunteers $$ to use Shadow Cliffs)

- Basic Training - shared cost trips, ask Bill about materials & other costs

- Beyond Basic Training: shared cost trips , minimal printing costs

- Advanced Training/fun/new rivers scouting trips: shared cost trips

May have financial need scholarships for shared cost trainings

Issues raised, actions to address them (& who's responsible)

1. Concerns about reinforcing unwrap skills

Action: Include flip management, wrap management skills practice in

Basic Training (Bill)

Beyond Basic training (Chicken)

Advanced training (Bill)

River meetings (Chris?)

2. Travel demands of classroom sessions for out-of-Bay-Area trainees

Action: Include technical means to transmit classroom training materials/ experience to those not attending the class in person

Examples: Skype, video, and/or web conferencing, powerpoint presentations of training materials (Mel)

3. Division of labor between head trainer and trip leaders on training trips

Head trainers will coordinate training activities for the weekend

Trip leaders will recruit trainers, river mom, happy paddlers, and coordinate as needed with head trainer

4. There are many, many tasks & decisions involved in training. What's our DRACI/ responsibility matrix for these activities?

Action: Mel will circulate a draft matrix with many of the tasks identified, for us (all training committee members) to edit & contribute to

Other training info

- Bill W reports that Bill Deitchman of the CA States Park says ICO can use the take-out at Salmon Falls or Skunk Hollow, even if the gates aren't open yet.

- Currently we estimate training about 5 returning trainees from last year, and about 7 new trainees. Of these, maybe 4 may be eligible for advanced basic training.

- 'Fun' or Advanced Training trips are for everyone in ICO to go boating together and make friends with a new river (or revisit an old friend).  Trainees are invited along but they are not required to attend.

Additional issues to address & who's responsible

- Figure out how many returning trainees want basic or advanced basic training, and how many new trainees we will accept (Bill W.)

- Find trip leaders for BT3, Tune-up trip, fun trip (Bill W.)

- Find trainers to coordinate Advanced Training, Advanced Basic Training (Bill W.)

- Recruit Beyond Basics trainees (Chicken)

- Trip Leader Training, schedule & content (Mel?)

- After approval, put training calendar on 2012 ICO Calendar (Ryan?)