#34 - January 17, 2016 - Weekly ICO Updater

posted Jan 20, 2016, 1:58 PM by Kate Starr



Below are organizational updates and weekly bits of fluff for your entertainment.  I will try to add a weekly photo as well.  Please let me know of any updates you would like added to the WICOU.


We are back up and running for the 2016 year!  Hello rain, our glorious friend!  


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 2015 WICOU Certificate of Awesomeness Winner; Ryan Clark!


This Week’s Bit of Fluff: 


The 2016 Weekly BoF shall commence next week!


The Weekly Update: January 18 – January 24, 2016


Current Updates:


1.      River Mtgs: will resume in February.  If you have items you would like to have discussed in the meantime, please contact Kate Starr (kate@icorafting.org)


2.      Annual Grassroots Letter Campaign:  The letter has been sent out. Please forward this letter with a personalized note to your friends, family, co-worker, other networks.  If we all find a couple of people to donate, we can raise a substantial amount of money.


3.      OPEN LEADER ROLES Requiring Immediate Volunteers:

a.      Outreach – Contact all previous agencies w/ application for 2016 boating season.  Receive Applications, Calendar trips

b.      Recruitment – Send out trainee/volunteer applications, answer questions from the public about recruitment, collect applications and pass onto the Selection committee

c.       Equipment – Inventory ICO equipment, determine what equipment needs to be order.  Direct other volunteers in the repair/maintenance of equipment.


4.      Volunteer Coordinator Recruitment:

a.      An advertisement for a new Volunteer Coordinator has been posted.  Huge Thank you to Stacey for editing and posting the advertisement.   There has been a small response, we also encourage existing members to step up. 


5.      Bake Sale: Was held December 19th and 20th:  Thank you Fred Medrano and staff for running the bake sale.  We pulled in appx. $1.8k


6.      Training 2016:

a.      We are currently planning to have 2016 spring training.  If you want to be on the training committee please let Chris Thorsen (chris.throsen@icorafting.org) know. 

b.      TLs and Trainers: we are finalizing dates and will be sending out a request after the new year for TLs and Trainers to sign up for the training weekends.  Please look at your calendars think about keeping some weekends free in late March and April .

c.       If you know someone who would like to train this year, please contact Kate Starr for an application. Training dates are being finalized now.


7.      ICO Program Representative search:  Debra Asher who you may know and love is retiring from the Sierra Club!  The Sierra Club has asked the ICO Chairs to reach out to our members for assistance in hiring a new person to take over Debra’s responsibilities.  What The Sierra Club is asking from us:

a.      Fill out this quick survey: Let us know what job activities are the most important to your unique group and for the program to evolve (depth) and grow (breadth). Please take a few minutes to take this quick survey (3 questions!) to make sure we find the right person with the desired skill set.  Please complete the survey by Jan 15, 2016.http://goo.gl/forms/WsQ5DL8GuK

b.      Participate on the Volunteer Interview Panel: After phone interviews are finished, five or six candidates will be selected  to be interviewed by a panel of five ICO volunteers via Hangout. Would you like to be one of the interviewers? If you are interested in in serving on this panel, please let me (Mel Mac Innis) and Sascha Paris know by Monday Jan 11.


8.      Happy Birthday this week:

a.      Please wish a belated happy birthday to: Lam Coong, Jessica Steinau, and Shad Emam

b.      Please wish a happy birthday to:

c.       Please let me know your birthday if you would like it announced in the WICOU. 


Older Updates:


1.      Upcoming Trips: 

a.      As of September 19, 2015, TRIPS ARE DONE FOR THE SEASON, Thank you everyone who helped organize, run or support a trip!


Until Next Week,



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