Classroom #1 (2009)


 Start  Item  Duration
 6:00pm  Dinner  
 6:15pm  [Keep Eating]
 Welcome to ICO
 Introductions and Name Game
 6:30pm  Distribute books, manuals, laminated cards  0:05
 6:35pm  Hypothermia Talk  0:15
 6:50pm  Hydrology & River Physics
 Volunteer Compliance  0:10
 7:30pm  Trip Finances & Scholarships  0:10
 7:40pm  Tribes & Logistics (brief)  0:10
 7:50pm  New Volunteer Commitment
  • Training
  • 2 Year Commitment
    • 10 days/year
    • Monthly Meeting
    • Off-river committee or project team
  • Feel free to withdraw (earlier is better)
 8:00pm  What to bring on a Spring River Trip
  • River Gear - required, suggested, nice to have
    • NO cotton!
  • Camping Gear
  • Kitchen Gear
    • Unbreakable personal dishes
 8:20pm  Personal gear management on a trip
 8:30pm  Distribute, explain 4-in-1release form  0:10
 8:40pm  Pre-Trip: Flatwater
 8:50pm  Pre-Trip: Tune-up
   Pre-Trip: Weekend #1 (2+ weeks away. Move to Flatwater?)


  • Class schedule was published as 6:00pm to 9:00pm
  • For time, I had to defer Safety Talk to Flatwater class.
  • Wetsuits and PFDs will be distributed at the Flatwater class.
  • I am open to suggestions about ordering. It seems that most of this stuff can be in any order.
  • How much of this should be in the manual?

Parking Log Items

  • How are we doing carpools now? We need to figure that out before we teach it!

Ryan Clark,
Mar 12, 2009, 8:08 AM