Rescue Protocol

Inner City Outings Rafting

Rescue Protocall






Assess:  First guide on scene, and rescue leader. 

    Insure the people in your raft will stay safe.

     Keep calm! Take a deep breath.                                                            

     Is it safe for you to act? (What's trying to kill you?)

     How many victims? Count heads. Search for missing along shore downstream, under boat, at obstructions.

     Can victim(s) breathe (head up vs: head down)?

     How can the situation get worse? Weather, dark, rising water, rescuer discomfort.

     How much time is available?


     If you respond to an emergency, ALWAYS bring your equipment:  throw bag(s), first aid kit, wrap rope.


 Who is in charge?


Determine the best method of rescue

       Action priorities:  Reach, throw, row, go

      Dangers to rescuers

      Time needed to set up

      Equipment needed

      Number of people needed

      Explain your plan, in detail if time allows.

      Rescue leader make team assignments. See list below

      Communicate with victim(s), with rescuers, with by-standers, with outside sources.

      Send for help (if needed)


Organize and direct the rescue

       Rescue leader supervise - avoid hands-on involvement

      Assign tasks

      Stabilize the victim(s)

      Ensure the situation doesn't get worse

      Extricate the victim(s) safely and efficiently

      Provide for first aid

      Plan for evacuation

      Bystander laison


Rescue Jobs


     Search team




     First-aider - 1 per victim

     Recorder - 1 per victim plus 1 for whole scene

     Help seekers


     Crowd control/Lookout

     Evacuation coordinator