Trip Reports


ICO requires that trip leaders submit a trip report within a week after a given trip has ended. Trip reports are generally presented in the following month's river meeting, and are archived here for reference.
Trip reports are used to help us better understand the makeup of our participant groups, track volunteer time (ie "river days"), and to capture all information relevant to how the trip ran as a whole, such as river conditions,
safety, weather, etc.

Completed trip reports may also be used as the basis for group discussion centered around trip management, participant groups, safety, or other factors which may affect a whitewater rafting trip. At the end of the year
these reports are folded into a single annual report which is submitted to the Sierra Club as well as government agencies (State of California, El Dorado County, etc) to be used for everything from permits to insurance.

It is extremely important that these reports are filed accurately and on-time.

File a Trip Report

  • Participant trip report -  Use for trips where we take a community agency.
  • Training trip report  - Use for any trip that is not a participant trip.  Note: list all current ICOers as guides, whether they were "qualified" trainers or not -- this is to give river-day credit to all ICOers who participate on a trip.  Trainees are not guides, and there is a separate optional section for listing their names.  Similarly in the insurance statistics, ICOers are current ICOers, not trainees -- for insurance purposes, list trainees under non-ICO.

View Previous Reports

You may view previous reports by accessing the archives here. Please note that current trip reports are not made immediately available to all volunteers.
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